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Our Value

Jinark treasures its customers and every piece of onion from its patrons. We also strike forward to produce wheel covers, mirrors, locks, handles, and other interiors….etc. It helps us bring an invaluable experience and enhances our growth worldwide. Being one of Taiwan’s leading coach/bus parts manufacturers, Jinark is specialized in coach & bus parts manufacturing.


1953       Jinark Industrial Ltd.(Hong Long Cheng ironwork Industrial Ltd.) was founded.

1966       First-time growth.

1968       Jinark invested in new aluminum extrusion.


1978       Became the supplier of Tang Eng Iron Works Co, Ltd. Started to provide products to     

               market for train building.

1982       Second time growth. Set up plastic molding tooling injection department.


1989       Third time growth. Increase reinvested home appliances and toys.

1992       Set up CNC department.

1996       Set up sporting goods products department.Became the OEM and ODM suppliers of                    each famous brands.

1997       Provide OEM for 3C Industrial precision fabrication.

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